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Cosmeceutical vs high-street products

Lots of people ask me what is the difference between the cosmeceuticals products that I sell and use in my clinic and the products you can buy on the high street. By high street I mean all those products that you can buy in high street shops, beauty outlets or in your own homes.

High street skin brands (over the counter preparations) are cosmetic skin products and they will only treat the topmost layer of your skin. They are made with cosmetic grade ingredients which may smell and feel nice but will not go down into your deeper skin layers. They are regulated to ensure that there isn’t a high level of active ingredients in them because anyone can just go and buy them and often no advice or limited advice is given on how to use them. They may say that they work on the deeper layers of your skin but look at the packaging they will only talk about the stratum corneum (this is the topmost layer and consists of dead skin cells) products that only work on this layer i.e high street brands can do nothing to your skin because it is working on already dead skin cells. Even the most expensive high Street Products only work on this top layer.

Cosmeceuticals products however are different. These are often made with pharmaceutical grade products and have a higher level of active ingredients within them because of this they are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of your skin and work on the active skin cells to make changes to them to help with problem skin conditions. These products bridge the gap between prescription skin medications that are prescribed by your gp/nurse specialist and high street brands. These products work on your all layers of your skin to varying degrees depending on the result you want to achieve and the problem you are targeting.

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12th August 2019