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Want to smooth out tell-tale signs of ageing?

Ok so hands up, how many of you look in the mirror and pull the skin from the front of your face back to your ears and think…I wish?

We know that the ageing process is in some part down to gravity, but it isn’t completely. I am often twittering on in clinic to you all about just what changes go on. Our bodies are so complex, and there’s no one single answer or solution when it comes to skincare. However, by using different products and techniques we can make corrections to readjust those changes.

Lines, wrinkles and skin give us the clues that our skin is on the move, getting thinner or less elastic, and that it’s not quite as plump as it once was. It’s these signs that point me in the right direction as to your personalised treatment.

After all, in facial aesthetics there is never a one size fits all because of course we are unique. Cheeks jawlines and chins all play a part in creating those pesky jowls, but so does the lateral cheek (that bit in front of your ear). Treating the lateral cheek makes all the hills, valleys and lines in the face more confluent and so we look younger and more refreshed. Ta dah! That’s part of what I was doing on Harley Street with Dr Kate Goldie on my recent training course down in London.

Do you want to smooth out those tell-tale signs of ageing and bring a youthful vigour back into your skin? Get in touch for your no obligation quote.

12th August 2019