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News from Be Aesthetic Clinic – Whats happening, Skincare and more…

This is my first blog post from Be Aesthetic Clinic for a while.  There will hopefully be a regular stream of them popping through I plan to use these to let you know:-


Be Aesthetic clinic is closed, of course it is. Its important that we all stay safe and socially isolate as much as possible.  I don’t know yet when I can reopen. I do have an open waiting list for all those clients who I couldn’t see before lockdown started and for all those who have been in touch since. Once I know it is safe to open I will let you know. I’m pretty certain there will be some restrictions or new way of working that we have to overcome. Boris has announced that he’s not sharing this with us yet but rest assured as soon as I know I will be in touch. If you know you would like a treatment please do get in touch with me.  Let me know what treatment or treatments you would like and I can add you on to the list.



I am undertaking skincare consultations remotely (there is no need for our skin to suffer) for new and existing patients. I am safely sending out your skin care products.  Zo  and AlumierMD  have pulled out all the stops to work with aesthetic clinics and our valued customers and between us we can get you your products. This has been fantastic as all of you have received your products will testify. If you have any skincare concerns like acne, pigmentation, rosacea or want products that are anti ageing products of cream for men and women then get in touch. Either by email bev@be-aestheticclinic.co.uk, via the website www.be-aestheticclinic.co.uk or by phone 07715749928. I can have a chat with you, send you out some forms and get you booked in for a virtual face to face consultation.

Behind The Scenes

Finally I’m getting to grips with all of this stuff, blogs, facebook and dare I say it instagram. I have had some amazing webinars sessions to help. I’ve never had the time before to sit and spend time doing the learning needed. I’ve learnt about google keywords, how to make great content and now have some great tools in my toolbox to help me. I have to say its all a bit faffy and it really is not what I enjoy but its important and it helps me to communicate better with you. Onwards and upwards!

Take Care, Stay safe.


29th April 2020