I am proud to now be able to offer as part of Be Aesthetic clinic the opportunity for my patients to become even healthier by losing weight. Utilising my skills of healthy lifestyle and weight management from 10 years of primary care nursing I am one of the only clinics in North Yorkshire offering this service and am able to offer this because of the knowledge and skills I have in this area.  Have you tried changing your diet and or increasing your physical activity and have made little change to your weight or lost weight and then put it back on? If losing weight were easy then we would all be within a healthy weight range but the fact is it is not easy to lose weight. To be able to lose weight and keep it off is more about making changes to the way you eat and exercise long term than short quick diet fixes that often leave you feeling hungry and dissatisfied. I have over 20 years nursing experience and have spent  many of these years coaching patients on healthy lifestyle, if we follow a healthy lifestyle it follows that we will be healthier and this has huge implications for our long term health. Weight loss is not easy though and we now have access to Liraglutide or (Saxenda) to help you. It is used once daily as a self administered injection and works by reducing appetite and making you feel fuller for longer. It also has some other clever effects will help you to lose weight. This is a prescription only medicine though and it does have some side effects and risks. It is not suitable for everyone and you will need regular and careful follow up by myself while using this medication. This medication is the only approved licensed injectable medication for weight loss but you must be willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Are you ready? Book in with me for a consultation to assess your suitability. 

Terms and conditions:-

You will be charged a £30 booking fee is payable in advance and non refundable in the event of short term cancellation for more information please visit my terms and conditions page. 



Prices start from £350